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Looking To Wear Sneakers Outside The Gym – Tips That Could Be Useful

Who told that sneakers can only to be worn inside gym? Today fashion has moved well and truly beyond the obvious, it is now possible to wear some stylish sneakers outside the gym with various outfits. However, it is important to remain in touch with right source of information and that is what we will be doing in next few lines. We will look at seven tips that can play a big role when you will identify right sneakers for yourself. It would help you to wear sports sneakers for formal purposes. Slowly, it will become a major part in your daily routine.


Collage Vintage

Sneakers are often considered by many as wonderful choice for all those who are looking for ways by which they can use their leather jacket in fashionable way. A well chosen sneaker can go in long way even for those who are keen on wearing knee length dresses. Completing it with a bowler hat can make you look trendy but at the same time you will remain casual. With sneakers, it is all about redefining looks and appearances but being stylish without going too formal.


Black Can Look Gorgeous

Are you constrained when it comes to wearing sneakers with full sized skirts? You have reasons to cheer because there are quite a few to choose black sneakers. A well chosen black jacket with black sneakers can certainly make heads swing around because you will look good in that outfit.


Looking Young Is Not That Big A Challenge At All

If you are keen on having suitable iteration of youth in you, then going in for some well chosen Lisa Dangler sneakers will do the job. This will go well when they are worn along with a tartan skirt, long line blazer and also with a sweater that matches with over color combination of sneakers that you have worn.


Splash Colors

Looking at ways and means by which you can use of your expensive Nike shoes rather than wearing them only for your gym? Then, you have a wonderful option by going in for a bright red overcoat and complete it with jeans that are either blue or black in color. For more Visit Fabletics which help customers to learn more about sneakers, they can also throw some new ideas for you.


Sneakers For Weekend Wears

Are you looking for suitable sneakers for making your weekend comfortable, stylish and trendy? Then torres can show a way where one can be functional without looking tired and worn out. Choosing a good jumper and complementing it with coat and mango trousers can make a good difference.


Scarves And Sneakers Can Go Together

Do you want play tennis while making heads swoon and turn around? Than opt for bright colored sneakers and top it up with right trousers and shirts. The icing on the cake would certainly be the twin scarves which can protect you against the elements of nature.



The Evolution of Mobile C-Arm – The Must-Have Equipment for Medical Diagnosis Centers

When you visit your physician regarding some issues, you will notice the presence of multiple machines and tools in their office. One of such machines that are used in hospitals these days is a mobile c-arm.

It is the equipment that is generally used in mounting and maneuvering the x-ray device, and it comes with many adjustment options. Hence, it is widely employed in both the clinics and hospitals for imaging the medical abnormalities in the patients.

History of C-arm

It was first introduced in the year 1955, with the available technology of that time. It was the first time introduction of the equipment, which is why it was not easy for everyone to afford, and hence was rarely seen all the hospitals. With the development in the technology, experts have started making use of readily available resources, and have also enhanced their flexibility, as per the need of physicians.

The name “C-arm” was actually derived from the “C” shaped arm of this unit, which will be connected directly with either an x-ray detector, or an x-ray source. Its growing demand has made it one of the most used, and also the must-have equipment in some departments such as orthopedics, vascular surgery, cardiology, etc. It is used mainly for imaging the intraoperative procedures.

Working Principle

C-arm device is constituted by an image intensifier and also a flat-panel detector. With the help of this flexibly moving arm, physicians can even do the imaging of up to 360 degrees. The C-arm also allows for covering the horizontal and vertical imaging of the organ systems of patients.

With the x-rays images of body parts, physicians can conduct thorough diagnosis on their patient cases. They can even understand the actual problem in their patients and hence, can come up with right treatment solutions. While looking through the body system, the unit displays thorough image of blood vessels, bone damages, and even stones present in kidneys.

Digital and Analog C-arm

You can find two kinds of C-arm units these days. Each unit is named based on the image intensifying option that is available in it.

Analog Image Intensifiers

Analog image intensifiers use the same technology as used in x-ray machines. The imaging unit starts hitting the body of the patients with a ray of light, which when intensified up to certain degree can create the fluorescent image of the tissue system. The outcome of the procedure will be either bright image of slightly dull image, based on the intensity of the ray of light that is used.

When light rays hits on a surface, they start falling back onto the surface of the camera that is installed in the unit. This image will be sent back to its source, which is the analog screen.

Digital Image Intensifiers

Digit image intensifiers, as the name says, give out the results in the form of digital value. When the ray of light hits the surface (on the organ or bone system), the intensity of the rays will be transferred back to the electron optics. As a result, high quality images will be produced making it easier for the physicians to read the chart.

For any information regarding the procurements of C-arms in the US, you can visit

Important Things To Consider If You Want To Get A Laser Hair Removal

Many things can make people feel insecure about how they look, one of them is unwanted hair that grows in the wrong places on your body. There are many different hair removal methods commonly used by people to get rid of their unwanted hair, and some of them are better than the others. However, by far laser hair removal is the most effective methods that provide long lasting results without causing any pain.

Hair removal laser is a procedure that incorporates laser pulse to damage hair follicles. It was made available for the first time back in the 90’s, since then the laser technology used in this cosmetic procedure has been developed over the years, and today it has been so improved and becomes even more effective.

But there are always some people who have doubt about this treatment. Does laser hair removal work? How long does laser hair removal last and can it guarantee permanent hair removal? These are the kind of questions in the heads of so many people right now. This is probably because some people have actually paid for this type of service without getting the expected results.

Actually this is not the fault of the method, but usually because these people are not careful enough in choosing their laser hair removal providers. There are many elements that would determine the results of laser hair removal, including the provider, your skin and hair type, the equipment, and many others. If everything is right, you will get the excellent results that you want.

Laser hair removal cost is an important thing to consider, but you shouldn’t make your judgement based on that alone. That said, it would also be nice if you can find a laser hair removal treatment that’s good enough to provide great results while at the same time also offers a low price.

You need to assess the place where you’re going to get your laser hair removal. Some beauty centers and spas are actually offering a wide range of laser treatments while they only have one machine to do the job. Not only they offer hair removal for women, but also skin treatments and many other types of treatments other than hair removal. All these treatments require different intensity of laser beam, so the machine they have might not be appropriate to do the job properly. It’s better to stay away from such place.

You should also know your skin and hair type, because certain types of skin and hair react better to laser treatment. This way you will be able to at least predict the outcome and prepare yourself.

Find out about the clinic’s reputation, this is a very important thing. Try to get some reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. Additionally you could search on the internet for some reviews or if there is any complaints about the clinic. A clinic with good reputation will most likely to give you the best results as per your expectations.

How to Make Sure You Don’t Have a Bad Boob Job

Boob jobs are one of the most common cosmetic procedures undertaken by women every year, but that doesn’t mean things don’t go wrong. For the most part, operations do go off successful, but there are unfortunately a few that don’t quite go to plan.

There are actually several things you can do to prevent a bad boob job. If you have breast augmentation on your mind, here’s what you need to do to stay safe.

 Find a Surgeon You Trust

 Some cosmetic surgeons always seem to be rushing around. This means it can often be a struggle trying to get answers out of them, something you ideally need before going under the knife.

If you trust your surgeon, you’ll be able to communicate with them better. They’ll be able to tell you what to expect from surgery. This will allow you to make an informed decision and stop your expectations from getting too high.

 Ask for Recommendations

 A friend who has had the perfect breast augmentation is likely to know a good surgeon.

This friend will also be able to answer your questions on aftercare and customer service. Finding a great surgeon is one of the most difficult aspects of the breast enhancement process. If a friend can help, it’ll make everything go much smoother.

 Do Your Homework

 While a good surgeon will help you out as much as they can, it’s ultimately up to you to pick the best procedure for your needs. With many different types of breast augmentation surgery available, you’ll need to know which type it is you want. This includes size issues. As your surgeon will likely make a quick judgment, if you want a more thorough discussion on your boob job, it needs to be directed by you.

 Understand the Recovery Period

 Every type of surgery has some kind of recovery period associated with it. This just helps you heal and helps ensure sensitive areas don’t become damaged.

By not adhering to your recovery period, you risk complicating the procedure. Wound healing time may increase and you may experience a lot more pain than you would have had you listened to advice. Downtime after surgery will be around 2 days. It may be up to 4 weeks however before you’re back doing many of the things you love.




Cosmetic surgery will have a lasting impact on your life, so it’s important not to rush into it. Take your time to get to know the best surgeons, and have a look at some pictures of breast implants, before and after. The more research you do, the more confidence you’ll have in the procedure.


Breast enhancement can be a wonderful thing, as long as it’s done properly. Make a little effort to understand your role and responsibility, and you’re sure to love your results.

Legal condition of clenbuterol in UK

Clenbuterol is one of the best and powerful steroid and providing more benefits to the user. It acts as a fat burner and at the same time it leans the muscle for attaining the perfect shape of the body. It induces the metabolic rate of the body and it heats up the temperature. Due to the high temperature, it starts to burn the unwanted fat and reduce the weight also. Initially the clen steroid is used for medical purposes. It cures the asthma problem by opening the air ways of bronchodilator and it maintains the flow of oxygen. It helps the user to breathe easily. It also injects to the race horses for gaining the stamina and makes it to perform well in competition. In most of the countries clen is banned for human consumption in markets and it is not approved by food and drug administration.  But it is legal in some countries and still it sells by vendors for personal purposes. Among the body builders and athletes clen is the mostly used steroid and they are also recommended this product to reduce the weight and get stamina.

The legal strategies of the steroid clen are varied depends on the country rules and regulations. Actually it is legal only if the person uses for personal purpose. The athletes or other sports person should note the rules and regulations of the drug whether they have to use it or not when they are in competition. If they allow using, it can be considered as a legal product. So check the list of legal products and avoid getting ban from the sports.

The clen can be imported from other countries without any custom problem. Sometimes the clen can be imported or exported through over the counter option. In this option the vendors cannot find any difficulty in shipments and the charge also. International shipments are the best choice to get the products through. The customers can ship the bulk amounts rather than a single product with same cost of shipping. So know your requirements according to that order the products from online vendors or research groups, you can get the product with high quality with reasonable costs. In some countries, the user of the steroid need not give any prescription to buy the product in markets. Be aware of the fake products or online sites. This is because many of them in an interest of getting lean in a short period of time, they just go to any website and consume the low quality product. Only the right quality of steroid will give the best results, so search the right website to get the right product. The one who follow the cutting or bulking cycle process properly, they can only attain the good results in fitness at the end of the cycle. In many countries have the policy of banned the clen, but people can import the steroid from various places for their own use. Check this website for getting more information regarding the legal status of clen.

Keeping Cleanrooms Spick and Span for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

With significant growth in the global pharmaceutical industry expected for the foreseeable future, associated markets should expect to see a steady rise in their international presence, also. The cleanroom market is very much part of that upward movement, with a recent study estimating the total industry value to increase from a little over 2 billion pounds today to nearly 3 billion pounds by 2020.

But despite the industry boom and resultant exchange of information, technology and knowledge, cleanroom practices commonly fail to adhere to international standards. The cleaning and integrity of cleanrooms is clearly a highly relevant matter to any industry that requires them, and with this in mind, what follows is a summary of the key information to be considered for the correct selection of cleaning products and measures for cleaning practice in pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms.

Cleaning product selection

In order to achieve proper microbial control, high-quality detergents and disinfectants are required.

Disinfectants may be bacteriostatic and inhibit bacterial growth, or bactericidal and kill bacteria. Of the bactericidal disinfectants, some will kill Gam positive micro-organisms, others Gram negative, some will attack fungi, and others will be sporicidal (e.g. hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid).

It is recommended that a minimum of two different disinfectant types are used for regular cleaning, which should be supplemented with the occasional use of a sporicidal disinfectant.

Meanwhile, care must be taken to ensure that detergents are compatible with the disinfectants that are being used as some cancel out active properties of certain disinfectants. One simple way to avoid this pitfall is to select all cleaning products from the same brand range.

The cleaning process

Importantly, establish a clearly set-out process for cleaning.

Having used the disinfectant-compatible detergent to wipe down surfaces and clear from grease and dust, mop the floor with disinfectant, clean the mop of the disinfectant with water, then repeat. The last step is to wash the floor of all disinfectant residue with a mop and sterile Water for Injection.

Finally, implement a clear procedure for the use of high-quality disposable coveralls and other protective clothing that is aligned with the established procedure for general cleanroom staff.








Phenylpiracetam vs Noopept: Which Nootropic is More Effective.

Phenylpiracetam and Noopept are two of the greatest cognitive boosters readily available, however which is the very best for you? Smart drug users typically compare these two nootropic drugs together with each other in an either/or choice procedure. This is since both are understood to be often times more powerful than their other racetam family members are and, normally, the user is looking for something with more increase and potency than they have experienced with other racetams. It is necessary to know there are distinct distinctions in between Phenylpiracetam vs Noopept nevertheless, along with some commonness. Knowing the distinctions and the resemblances, you can properly decide to use Phenylpiracetam or Noopept for particular jobs, results, and events.

Comparing Noopept vs. Phenylpiracetam

Just like many nootropics, the exact system of action stays unidentified; however, there is some proof suggesting Phenylpiracetam deals with some neurotransmitter and receptor websites consisting of Acetylcholine, GABA, NDMA, and Dopamine. The results of this wise drug are commonly more noticeable and obvious than other racetams. Cognitive impacts are combined with enhanced motor function to provide the user a stimulant-like impact that is much cleaner than amphetamines.

Noopept (in some cases called Neuropept) is more than 1,000 times more powerful than Piracetam. It deals with the Acetylcholine and Glutamate systems providing the user an improvement of focus, faster recall, memory development improvement as well as helps with memory retrieval. Knowing capability is enhanced. Some users experience the state of mind improvement. Noopept alsohas been displayed in rodent researchers to have neuroprotective buildings vital for brain plasticity.

With both Phenylpiracetam and Noopept, it is very important to know that the high potency rates do not always produce results, which are that much more expensive than other racetams, and even each other. Instead, the enhanced potency describes the efficient dose required and the way they more competently attune themselves into our brains receptors. These two wise drugs should not be taken together because of their separately high potencies and can be used without a prescription in the UK

Picking in between Noopept and Phenylpiracetam

If you have an all-night work or research session looming, Phenylpiracetam might be an excellent option for you. Stuffing for examinations or finishing a significant task on the due date are both scenarios where this nootropic excels. Your body and mind are promoted, and your physical and mental efficiency can be enhanced, permitting you to achieve whatever it is you have to get finished with a minimum of diversion. Tolerance is a problem with Phenylpiracetam, nevertheless, often building after simply 2-3 successive days of use. Since of this, Phenylpiracetam is an outstanding option for scenarios where you require a one-night or one-day burst of mental and physical energy; however, it is not suggested for constant long-lasting use.

Noopept, on the other hand, can frequently be cycled and utilized over extended periods of time within those cycles, securely. It has an advancing impact with time. Many users report peak optimization after 1-2 weeks of use.

Phenylpiracetam vs. Noopept Evaluation

Phenylpiracetam and Noopept are both beneficial clever drugs with special factors to consider for their individual usages. While both can provide you enhanced mental function, they are not comparable enough to be compared side to side and to pick one or the other. When you require to study or work for a prolonged period while also preserving a high mental skill, Phenylpiracetam can be an excellent help for a periodic all-nighter.

Get the appropriate treatment

Everyone loves to have a pleasant smile and it is not that one need beautiful teeth to owe a special smile, but one need to have a healthy teeth. Many of us suffer with various oral issues which actually require a good care and professional support in gaining a good smile. There are various kinds of issues which get cured only with the guidance of a professional person and it is a must that you locate and seek their help. The professional who helps in correcting the flaws of teeth and even make them shine better is a dentist and it is a must that people choose the right person who offers appropriate treatment. There are various methods which are mostly followed by professionals in offering durable and strong teeth, which enhance the beauty of the smile.


Get an appropriate solution to all your needs just by seeking the help of a dentist and see that you choose a person who uses advanced techniques. All the treatments cannot get completed within a single sitting and due to this people should first ask the dentist the time for completing the treatment. There are several kinds of treatments and cleaning, shaping and a few more that helps one to get rid of the problems including cavities, tooth decay, infected tooth and many more. All these issues require an appropriate method of treatment and it is even necessary to seek the guidance of a dentist Aurora, Co. Here are a few simple yet effective methods of treatments that help in gaining a natural appeal even after suffering with missing or problematic teeth.

  • A dental veneer is one interesting method which makes one gain a better smile and this process offer innumerable benefits to the people. Only the professional dentists Aurora, Co can help people in getting the right treatment in the proper way.
  • Generally people having a discolored, chipped, broken malformed tooth get a beautiful appeal through this method. Transforming your appeal through this process of treatment is very easy and one need to take a few post treatment precautions through which it becomes easy to have a healthy teeth.
  • Dental implant is another impressive procedure which the dentist even builds the whole jaw of teeth that are broken or lost due to any issue. Dental restoration is possible when people choose a right surgeon and it is crucial to gain the best treatments under the supervision of an expert.
  • Professionals in dental care aurora, Co even offer various methods of treatments that even correct all the defects in the teeth. There are a few advanced techniques through which people are able to replace the original tooth with a cap which is equally durable. Dentists utilize quality caps in order to cover the missing area and they appear as if natural ones.

If you are searching for a professional expert who offers the essential treatment right on time then you can even visit summerbrooksdental and pick a dentist who treats all your issues within no time. Here you find a good team of people who offers an appropriate treatment by understanding your problem completely.




Best Reviews for Firefly Vaporizer

I have been looking for a good portable vaporizer for awhile now, and it has been hard for me to find one that I really like. But my friend told me about a model that he has been using, and apparently it is pretty good. I want to check out a review of the Firefly portable vaporizer @Vapor Domain to see what other people are saying about this model. If it is as good as other people are saying, then it sounds like it is going to be good for me. Of course, I can only learn so much from reviews. To really know if I am going to like it or not, then I am going to have to try it for myself and to see how it works.

One of the things that I value the most in a vaporizer is efficiency. So it needs to burn the herbs as efficiently as possible, without getting too hot, and it really needs to have even heating, I think, in order to accomplish that. I also want something that is highly portable and easy to conceal.

It is not like I am worried about the law or anything, because I do not have that problem around here. But I still don’t want everyone in my business, so I would like to keep it concealed. Anyway, another good thing to have in a good vaporizer would be for it to have a good battery life. I like to take vaporizers out with me when I go mountain biking on the trails and there is no place to plug in and charge something out there. So I would need a good battery life to take it with me. I had one before I liked a bit but it broke and now I want a better one.

The Best E Liquid Refills on the Market Include the Ability to Taper off of Nicotine

I am on my way to quitting nicotine altogether. The really great thing is that I have not had a real cigarette in over a month. I am tapering myself off of nicotine I get by vaping. I know there is controversy about e-cigarettes, but I just know that I used it to quit lighting up. I bought one of those high end e-cigs that give you a good full draw that mimics real smoking much better. Then I found the best e liquid refills on the market. I needed to find a place that sold the liquid that tasted like the brand of cigarette I smoked. I did not want any candy flavors. I wanted full-bodied tobacco flavor in my vaping device.

Finding an e liquid that I can taper off the nicotine dose is the thing I needed to reach my goal.

Rule of Thumb: Getting Involved

In some ways college students are more connected than ever. Social media has provided multiple methods of staying in touch with friends and sharing information and content. Gaming has also provided a venue of being connected with others and having fun at the same time.

But in other ways many students are not connected at all, and they struggle with “face-time” that is real and not just virtual. Many living environments are both heavily wired and private; if one chooses one may isolate for huge chunks of time and “communicate” widely, yet not actually interact with anyone at all. This is a recipe for diminishing mental health.

So here is a rule of thumb to protect against that deterioration: at least twice a week, get involved in something that takes you out of your living environment, puts you in physical contact with others, and has nothing to do with class, work, or partying. This simple strategy incorporates crucial skill sets which, once learned, will benefit you for a lifetime. The skills also promote good mental health and are also related to retention and academic success.

So what kinds of things can you do? Most students had interests and hobbies in middle and high school, but they may have drifted from them in the excitement of starting college. Consider returning to them, or perhaps be more adventurous and take up new ones. Psychologists believe that learning new skills every five years or so is actually protective of brain health, so it will be good for you on that score as well. On most campuses there are dozens if not hundreds of student organizations, covering topics such as sport, politics or advocacy, environmental awareness, outdoor recreation, art, and so on. If you can’t find one that suits you, start your own. You can also see some ideas on this listThere is really no excuse not to try something.

On the other hand, there is no need to get over-involved, as this can lead to meaningless activity and burnout. Trying new activities also does not have to lead to long-term commitment. Simply try some and if they don’t feel like a good fit, move on and try another. Frankly, what you pick does not matter. What matters is that you pick something in the first place, and that you expand your skills and relationships. This is part of the recipe for feeling satisfied and in good emotional health, and generally your grades will improve too. That’s hard to beat!

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea

This is where I spent part of my morning today. That is the Pacific Ocean to the left and Dana Point, California down below. I love walking here. The temperature was a mild 73°F/22°C. The sun was shining, and there was a lovely breeze coming onshore.

Although there are people of all ages walking or jogging here, on a Thursday morning, it is quiet and uncrowded. Most weekday mornings are like that. At times, there are surfers in the parking lot preparing to walk down the 140+ steps to the water below. Sometimes, I stop at the green wrought iron fence and watch them as they ride the waves.

It is on days like this that I am most grateful that my sister badgered me into moving back to South Orange County. I was living in Hawaii for a short period of time, but I really don’t care for the feel of the air in the tropics. I really prefer the fresh air on this side of the Pacific.

I took my Fitbit for a spin here for the first time today. I have some statistics to report. I did only one lap of the walking/view park this morning. That added 1,714 steps to my day. I was hungry and left after only one lap to catch lunch. I’ll make sure to go earlier next time, so I can walk two laps without my stomach giving me an excuse to leave. This was only a seventeen minute walk. It’s silly to stay for such a short period of time. I adore spending time here.

Notice in the photograph above, that the city painted colorful waves on the concrete path. At regular intervals there are small patios hanging over the side of the cliff, where they constructed two or three concrete tables and benches so people can rest, read, picnic or just enjoy the view. Opposite these spots, there are wide steps up into the parking lot. The sides of the stairways are bordered with raised planters containing colorful flowering plants. But the cutest thing is that bronze starfish have been embedded into them, so that they look like they washed ashore on the waves.

There are also colorful mosaic fish laid into the patios of the picnic areas. The palm trees that you see on the right of the photo appear here and there adding a little shade. But they don’t add too much. People who come here do so for the air and the sun. We also stop and look at the enormous majestic mansions that are being constructed in tiers along the sand. Although many people stop to stare, few are really jealous. Some have made comments about a possible tsunami and the damage it would cause the homes.

I would be more concerned about the probability that a full moon, high tide and a storm off the coast would cause large damaging waves. This is a cove. The force of higher than normal waves could rip apart the homes closest to the sea. Then the debris would be pushed into the next tier up and so forth. If this happens, actually, when this happens, the walkway here will be full of people with cameras. Unless there is an science fiction sized tidal wave, the path is much higher than any water could reach.

This is due to the topography of the California coastline. There is a steep drop off along the coast called the California Incline. It is rare that homes or businesses are actually built at sea level. Most of California, even the famous Pacific Coast Highway is higher than that. There are some sections of the beach which can be reached by driving down a steep road or climbing down an unsafe hill. You have probably heard about houses falling into the sea, or landslides along the highway. This is part of the deal when you live in California.

It is best to live on higher ground and enjoy the coast the way I do. I either admire it from my living room window a mile or so away, or drive down to a lovely manicured path like this one for a walk. It is possible to walk along the sand itself, but I will wait until the funicular is running. Let the young ones hike the 140+ stair treads in both directions. I will admire it from this path until I can ride down below. I can be patient.

People are wrong when they say that tide and time wait for no one. When you are retired, you have the time to wait until the city turns on the funicular and the tide is out.

Is where you walk as lovely as this?

I just got home from the dentist. I can’t feel my face.

I had some work done at the dentist. The shots they put in my mouth didn’t work at first so they ended up putting more in me! It was awful. My heart started racing and I was shaking a lot. They had me walk around the office until it stopped.

I’m happy to get the work done though. If you don’t take care of your teeth it ends up even worse in the long run. I have to take care of myself the best that I can since I’m still quite young. I don’t want any major problems when I’m older so I’m going to stay on top of things now.

Annals of Idiocy: Discouraging Students who Need Help

Getting right to the point, it is highly irresponsible for anyone to discourage others who need help, especially adolescents and young adults.  It is tough enough for them to deal with fear, stigma, and the labyrinth of mental health care systems.  For them to break through such barriers only to have someone discourage them should outrage all of us.

In recent months there have been at least two cases of this irresponsibility.  In one, a journalist covering the issue of withdrawals from campus due to mental health issues, an admittedly complex process, allowed the following title to be used in a Huffington Post article: “Using College Mental Health Services Can Lead To Students Getting Removed From Campus”.  In another an attorney allowed the following title in a Chronicle of Higher Education piece concerning the alleged mismanagement of therapy records in a rape case: “Raped on Campus? Don’t Trust Your College to Do the Right Thing”, and then added further damage by stating “Students: Don’t go to your college counseling center to seek therapy.”

It is not that the authors had no point to make.  I do not take issue with advocates calling attention to allegations that there may be problems in the application of procedures on some campuses.  But making sweeping condemnations of an entire field in a large country goes well beyond that.  The number of cases mentioned in articles or blog posts like these is typically very small, as it was in these articles.  This, friends, is what you call over-generalization.  There are over 1,000 college counseling centers in the United States providing millions of therapy sessions annually and they, I dare say, do so competently and with good results.  OK, so the ethics of blogging may be loose indeed, fine.  But these authors are advising potentially millions of our youth to avoid the most convenient, least costly, most specialized services for the college student population.  Doing so is patently absurd, hurtful, and wrong.

Sometimes, actual college counselors are quoted in the articles, but generally very few.  Even rarer are articles written by someone who actually does the work.  Say what you will about attorneys and journalists, but the fact is they do not know, and cannot know, the work from the inside.  They are not managing extremely challenging circumstances while being intimately knowledgeable about and adhering to our specific professional codes of ethics.

Students, listen to those who do the work.  Use your campus counseling service.

Emotional Wellness for Law Enforcement Curriculum

I am hoping to be starting the Master Instructor Certification Course (MICC) sponsored by the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). 
All MICC students are required to design a law enforcement course from 3-5 days in length, which will be submitted to POST for approval. If approved, it will become a POST reimbursable course offered statewide. POST courses tend to have much better attendance because officers get CPT credit for them. 
My course will be on Emotional Wellness for Law Enforcement. 
In addition to having grown up in a law enforcement family, I am an 11 year police veteran, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. While my professional and personal experience in this area have a place in the design of the course, it is far from enough. 
I would like to correspond with others who feel strongly about the need for our peace officers to be as emotionally healthy as possible  throughout the span of their lives. If you are one of the following and would be willing to share your ideas on the development of this course, please contact me.
  • Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)  
  • LEO, mental health clinician or others that who teach in this area
  • Mental health professionals working with LEO’s
  • LEO peer supporters
  • Researchers
  • LEO family members
  • Anyone else with a verse to contribute
For those of us with a vested interest in this topic, this is a fantastic opportunity.  My goal here is to learn as much as possible from as many different people as I can. 
In addition to collaborators, I will be looking for subject matter experts (SME) for various topical areas (e.g., John Violanti for LEO stress). If you are a SME or know someone who may be willing to donate a bit of their time to a good cause, please let me know. I will be interviewing SME’s at some length. 
It is important to note the focus of this project will be on “Lifetime Emotional Wellness.” To use an analogy, at the basic police academy in CA, the class on physical training is called, “Lifetime Fitness.” Recruits begin physical training on the first day of the academy. Their last day of PT is usually the day before graduation.  It is pounded into our heads that fitness is not to stop once we leave the academy; that it is for life. This is the type of framework I intent to use for emotional wellness. 
While the course will include secondary and tertiary prevention (i.e., what to do once problems exist), a focus will be on developing, maintaining, and constantly improving one’s emotional wellness. I see a gap here in the literature and training. My bias is that, as peace officers, we should go beyond “surviving” this career [no jab here toward Gilmartin’s invaluable work]. We should know about and be willing to work toward lives filled with meaning, happiness, and healthy relationships. 
Finally, something about the design of the course. The fundamental question the CA POST IDI program asks is, how do adults learn? Everything in the program is geared toward adult student learning. To explain what is meant by “learning” here, let me contrast it with “going to a training.” 
As most of us know, the typical training involves someone lecturing to the class for long periods of time, with a PPT in the background. In fact, sadly perhaps, this is how I’ve conducted most of my trainings (which is part of the reason I started the IDI program). So, lecture, PPT, the odd video or two and get out a half hour early. Sound familiar? 
In designing this course, my question will be, what learning exercises, delivery methods, learning styles and modes, and learning verification tools will I use to ensure the greatest chance that students will actually use what is taught? In other words, rib sticking stuff. Ultimately, this will not be “Jeff Shannon’s” training. It will contain enough detail and clarity that any law enforcement trainer will be able to use the lesson plan and teach the same stuff. My question to you is, What “stuff” should be in there? 
Thank you in advance for anything you can offer. 
Kind regards,
Ofc. Jeff Shannon, LMFT
        Berkeley Police Department
(510) 981-5779
(510) 595-5580 Office