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Category Archives: Addiction Treatment

Sex Addiction – A Simple Overview of a Complex Issue

One of the biggest problems when it comes to the identification and treatment of sex addiction is the fact that it is so difficult to diagnose and define. Despite the fact that it is a well-known, well-documented and exceptionally life-affecting condition, it is still comparatively poorly understood in the grand scheme of things.  Doctors and scientists alike are still unable to conclusively say why it is that certain people appear to be more prone to sex addiction than others, along with what it is that triggers sex addiction and why certain treatment methods are effective for some and completely ineffective for others.

Suffice to say therefore, when and where the time comes to seek sex addiction counselling in Kentcan be a difficult question to answer. The fact that there is no specific medical diagnostic method for identifying sex addiction makes it all the more difficult for those suspecting they may have a problem to reach such a conclusion and seek the necessary help. Nevertheless, by understanding some of the core specifics of sex addiction and the concept, the subject as a whole can be made considerably less difficult to approach.

Porn Addiction Vs Sex Addiction

For example, one of the most important clarifications to make right off the bat is that of how sex addiction and porn addiction are most certainly not the same thing.  Despite the fact that porn addiction can in its own right be enormously detrimental and lead to a series of harmful physical and psychological effects on the health, it is in no way the same disorder as sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Variations

One of the things that makes sex addiction so difficult to identify and address is the way in which there are countless different types of sex addictions. As such, the very term ‘sex addiction’ is to a large extent as vague as say ‘drug addiction’, wherein the specific drugs at the heart of the addiction determine the effects on the individual in question and the appropriate treatment.

In the case of sex addictions, just a small sample of common types include:

  • Prostitution
  • Masturbation or fantasy
  • Sadistic or masochistic behaviour
  • Exhibition/Voyeurism
  • Other excessive sexual pursuits

How Can Sex Addiction be Identified and Diagnosed?

This is perhaps the single most important and difficult to answer question of all, as while there are a wide variety of potential physical and emotional symptoms associated with sex addiction, symptoms vary enormously from one person to the next. What’s more, what may represent something of an addictive behavioural habit in one individual may in fact be perfectly normal everyday behaviour in the case of another. The key point of importance being that of identifying when and where sex or sexual behaviour/habits in general begin having a detrimental effect either on you yourself or of those around you. This is more often than not when intervention may be called for.

Some of the more obvious emotional symptoms of sex addiction include not being able to focus or get on with everyday life as a result of total preoccupation with sex, the desire to engage in increasingly aggressive or unusual sexual activities in order to obtain gratification, compulsion to take part in sexual activities you gain no pleasure from but cannot say ‘no’ to and generally putting sex before the happiness of loved ones. The simple long and short of it is that when sex ceases being a pleasure and becomes either a chore or an obsession, it may be time to speak to the experts.

The Dangers of Sex Addiction

There are a number of potentially dangerous consequences that accompany a wide variety of different types of sex addiction, both physical and emotional in nature.  Along with the strong likelihood of alienating loved ones and suffering the decline of both social and domestic relationships, research suggests that close to half of all men and women with diagnosed cases of sex addiction also carry sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, almost 70% of women suffering from sex addiction have experienced at least one unplanned pregnancy.

For those who increasingly seek aggressive, violent or masochistic sexual encounters as gratification becomes more and more difficult, the chances of suffering serious physical harm inherently increase. Diagnosed sex addicts are also known to be considerably more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive behavioural problems, along with a proclivity for falling into drug and alcohol addiction.

Should there be even the slightest concern in the mind of any individual that they themselves or somebody close to them may be suffering from any kind of sex addiction, counselling should be sought as early as possible to maximise effectiveness of treatment.

What Is Manipulation Under Anesthesia?

Manipulation under anesthesia, or MUA, is a treatment method for different types of pain and syndromes that result from fibrous adhesions and scar tissue in various joints throughout the body. Whereas many of the procedures used to treat these conditions are invasive and require recovery time, manipulation under anesthesia is safe and non-invasive.

Which Conditions does MUA Treat?

Dr. Tafler and his team treat a variety of conditions, including pain in the back, neck, and joints, muscle spasms, shortened muscles, fibrous adhesions, and other long-term pain syndromes. While you are under sedation, performed by a licensed anesthesiologist, he manipulates the affected area to break up scar tissue and adhesions using a variety of stretches and kinesthetic maneuvers. These manipulations and stretches will help you regain your mobility and free yourself from the pain.

Why Manipulation Is Better than Surgery

If you have fibrous adhesions or scar tissue in a joint, whether due to a condition or some sort of injury, there are several options available for treatment. The first involves invasive surgery during which the surgeon makes and incision and then cuts away the fibrous tissue or growth. Another option involves laser surgery, which requires a much smaller incision but is still invasive. With either of these options, you must recover for a period before you will have normal use of the treated area. Manipulation under anesthesia is completely non-invasive, and there is no recovery time. In fact, many patients regain range of motion and experience pain relief in a single treatment.

Does It Require After-Care?

Although post-anesthesia care is not always necessary, many patients benefit from additional procedures after their manipulation under anesthesia. Some of these include the application of moist hot packs to the area, which reduces swelling, increases blood flow, and stimulates healing. Another popular after-care therapy is massage, which improves circulation in the affected area and promotes healing, as well. Any patient could benefit from active rehabilitation for a period of four to six weeks, as this helps to teach patients exercises and routines that may discourage the formation of more scar tissue or adhesions.

When to Consider MUA

For the most part, manipulation under anesthesia is a safe procedure. Thus, if you have conditions like fibromyalgia, mild sciatica, failed back surgery, and even nerve entrapment, then you are a prime candidate. MUA is best for patients who have undergone conservative care for six to eight weeks without any relief. Bear in mind that sedation does carry risks for some patients, so Dr. Tafler will ask you about your medical history, including any adverse reactions to anesthesia and surgeries that you have had in the past, before your treatment.

If you want to know whether you are a candidate for manipulation under anesthesia, please feel free to contact Dr. Tafler or learn more at There, you will find descriptions regarding the use of MUA to treat many painful and frustrating conditions. He and his team are licensed professionals who understand your need to reduce pain and regain mobility.


The Role of Family & Friends in Treating Drug Addiction

When you are addicted to drugs, one of the first things you lose is your family. That’s because your need to get high becomes more important than anything else in your life. You lose sight of the other things that used to be important to you, such as your career, your finances, and your health. While all of these things are bad to lose, destroying your relationship with your family is by far the worst.


Drug addiction usually isn’t an instant process. You don’t automatically become addicted to meth or cocaine the first time you try it. Despite the way it is portrayed in popular culture, even heroin isn’t usually instantly addictive. Most people use heroin and other drugs recreationally, at least at first. They don’t need to use these drugs, they choose to take them because they are fun, euphoric, and they make other people and life more interesting.

Eventually, however, taking dangerous drugs becomes less of a fun pastime and more of a physical need. Over time, the body builds a physical dependency on the chemicals contained in controlled substances, as well as a psychological dependency. Some drugs that aren’t physically addictive – such as marijuana – can cause a mental addiction that can feel just as strong and binding.

What Happens to the Family

When you get to the point where you are addicted to drugs physically or psychologically – or both – your prime objective is to get more drugs. Most people who reach this stage of addiction will do anything at all as long as it results in getting what they need.

That means they will lie, deceive and even steal from family members in order to feed their addiction. Bank accounts will be cleared out. Property will be sold, even if it doesn’t belong to you. Savings will be stolen. Stories will be concocted to justify the money you need to buy more drugs.

The End of Trust

Eventually, however, you will be discovered. You can’t keep this type of deception up forever, or even for very long. And when your wife, your parents, your siblings and other family and friends find out that you have been lying to them in order to support your drug addiction, they are no longer going to trust you.

That means they won’t believe your lies any longer. They won’t be willing to lend or give you money, even if you genuinely need it for other things such as rent, bail money, or food. In time, they may even cut off their contact with you altogether. It is a painful thing to do, but in their minds it is better not to know you at all than to see you struggle with your addiction and lose every time.

Your Support System

You may not realize it until it is too late, but nobody can make it on their own. You need other people to survive, especially the people you love. So when they turn your back on you and leave you all alone to face the problems caused by your addiction, the results can be devastating.

Homelessness, mental illness, violence, crime and other issues you may have thought you would never have to face suddenly become real possibilities for you. Even if it’s not you who is getting into trouble, just being around other people who are abusing drugs is a dangerous place to be. And worst of all, without the support of your family and friends, it may seem as if there is no way out.

This downward spiral doesn’t have to end in your death or imprisonment, however. There’s always still time to pull out of it. All you need to do is stop, ask for help, and put yourself at the mercy of others.

Families Forgive

Regardless of how bad you treated them in the throes of your addiction, if you genuinely ask them for help and show that you are sincere in your intentions, anything is possible. It’s your family, after all. Blood is thicker than water. Love can build a bridge.

Just don’t expect them to greet you with open arms right away. It probably took you a long time to sabotage their trust in you. So it’s going to take even longer to build it back up. But you can do it if you take it one step at a time.

Next Steps

The best way to show you are sincere about kicking your drug addiction is to get professional help kicking your drug addiction is to get professional help. This is probably the only way you will be able to get clean and begin your rehabilitative process. If you try to stop taking drugs on your own, you are almost certainly likely to fail. And then you are right back where you started in the eyes of your family and friends.

Getting straight is possible. You just have to be fully committed to it and not expect miracles.


Author Bio – This article is written by Paul Smith on behalf of The Cabin Sydney, a sought after and affordable drug rehab centre in Sydney.

Significance of medical detox

Nowadays, the significance of the medical detox treatment offered by the habit recovery focuses is expanding by a wide margin. It is on the grounds that, the earth of these focuses is only perfect to look for the help. This is the reason, numerous addicts decide to leave their present areas, which may serve as the updates for their compulsion and begin the recovery handle in a more suitable and new atmosphere known for health and the outside exercises all around the year. The drug abuse hotline assumes a noteworthy part here.

Subtle elements of the medical detox

At the point when the detoxification project goes before a liquor or drug recovery program, the aggregate system incredibly improves the probability of individuals staying off the drugs and alcohols. To put it plainly, this procedure lives up to expectations by cleaning the poisons, which have got aggregated in the body from the liquor or drug abuse, this procedure expels the things securely from your framework. Thus, if your objective is to begin a superior life towards recuperation, then the detoxification procedure will be the obligatory step towards it. Without the assistance of detox, the probability and the achievement rate of staying off the addictive substances will diminish significantly at this very moment parts of compulsion ought to be tended to and the body likewise should be recouped, considering what a substantial toll the liquor and the drugs can tackle the soundness of any individual.

Why People Opt For Medical Detox?

Detoxification, otherwise called medical detox is thought to be the most secure system to wash down the assemblage of the liquor and drug poisons as this is fundamentally done in a securely observed environment as opposed to doing alone that can be exceptionally risky if not done under legitimate medical consideration. With the assistance of fitting detox solutions and under the right supervision, the agonizing manifestations of withdrawal can be decreased incredibly furthermore the drug recovery technique can likewise be begun appropriately.


Presently leave lingering poisons in the body that contributes a considerable measure to the post withdrawal manifestations like tension, drug desires, crabbiness, dejection and weariness, along these lines it is truly critical that anybody searching for the enslavement treatment ought to enter a detox office first to get clean. Detox not just permits a man to recuperate from the withdrawal indications securely, yet here the patients likewise take in the prerequisites of eating all right great eating regimen is thought to be a successful approach to dispose of the collection of poisons. You can get more data about this procedure at the drug abuse hotline.