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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sex Addiction – A Simple Overview of a Complex Issue

One of the biggest problems when it comes to the identification and treatment of sex addiction is the fact that it is so difficult to diagnose and define. Despite the fact that it is a well-known, well-documented and exceptionally life-affecting condition, it is still comparatively poorly understood in the grand scheme of things.  Doctors and scientists alike are still unable to conclusively say why it is that certain people appear to be more prone to sex addiction than others, along with what it is that triggers sex addiction and why certain treatment methods are effective for some and completely ineffective for others.

Suffice to say therefore, when and where the time comes to seek sex addiction counselling in Kentcan be a difficult question to answer. The fact that there is no specific medical diagnostic method for identifying sex addiction makes it all the more difficult for those suspecting they may have a problem to reach such a conclusion and seek the necessary help. Nevertheless, by understanding some of the core specifics of sex addiction and the concept, the subject as a whole can be made considerably less difficult to approach.

Porn Addiction Vs Sex Addiction

For example, one of the most important clarifications to make right off the bat is that of how sex addiction and porn addiction are most certainly not the same thing.  Despite the fact that porn addiction can in its own right be enormously detrimental and lead to a series of harmful physical and psychological effects on the health, it is in no way the same disorder as sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Variations

One of the things that makes sex addiction so difficult to identify and address is the way in which there are countless different types of sex addictions. As such, the very term ‘sex addiction’ is to a large extent as vague as say ‘drug addiction’, wherein the specific drugs at the heart of the addiction determine the effects on the individual in question and the appropriate treatment.

In the case of sex addictions, just a small sample of common types include:

  • Prostitution
  • Masturbation or fantasy
  • Sadistic or masochistic behaviour
  • Exhibition/Voyeurism
  • Other excessive sexual pursuits

How Can Sex Addiction be Identified and Diagnosed?

This is perhaps the single most important and difficult to answer question of all, as while there are a wide variety of potential physical and emotional symptoms associated with sex addiction, symptoms vary enormously from one person to the next. What’s more, what may represent something of an addictive behavioural habit in one individual may in fact be perfectly normal everyday behaviour in the case of another. The key point of importance being that of identifying when and where sex or sexual behaviour/habits in general begin having a detrimental effect either on you yourself or of those around you. This is more often than not when intervention may be called for.

Some of the more obvious emotional symptoms of sex addiction include not being able to focus or get on with everyday life as a result of total preoccupation with sex, the desire to engage in increasingly aggressive or unusual sexual activities in order to obtain gratification, compulsion to take part in sexual activities you gain no pleasure from but cannot say ‘no’ to and generally putting sex before the happiness of loved ones. The simple long and short of it is that when sex ceases being a pleasure and becomes either a chore or an obsession, it may be time to speak to the experts.

The Dangers of Sex Addiction

There are a number of potentially dangerous consequences that accompany a wide variety of different types of sex addiction, both physical and emotional in nature.  Along with the strong likelihood of alienating loved ones and suffering the decline of both social and domestic relationships, research suggests that close to half of all men and women with diagnosed cases of sex addiction also carry sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, almost 70% of women suffering from sex addiction have experienced at least one unplanned pregnancy.

For those who increasingly seek aggressive, violent or masochistic sexual encounters as gratification becomes more and more difficult, the chances of suffering serious physical harm inherently increase. Diagnosed sex addicts are also known to be considerably more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive behavioural problems, along with a proclivity for falling into drug and alcohol addiction.

Should there be even the slightest concern in the mind of any individual that they themselves or somebody close to them may be suffering from any kind of sex addiction, counselling should be sought as early as possible to maximise effectiveness of treatment.

The Benefits of Residential Rehab – Seven Significant Advantages

The very prospect of choosing a rehab centre isn’t one that most would consider to be particularly pleasant. In fact the process as a whole can be foreboding to say the least – admitting you have a problem is one thing, but actually seeking the help you require is something else entirely. And perhaps the biggest decision of all to be made along the way is that of whether to opt for a residential rehab program, or something of an out-patient rehabilitation service.

Generally speaking, the severity of the case and the specifics of the individual in question will largely determine whether or not residential rehab is pretty much mandatory. Nevertheless, for thousands of patients in a variety of circumstances each year, residential rehab represents a proactive and completely personal choice.

So as far as the experts are concerned, what are the primary advantages that come with residential rehab services that go over and above those of out-patient rehab?

1 – Stability of Environment

Well, first and foremost there’s the way in which residential rehab provides patients with a uniquely stable environment in which to focus on their recovery. The simple fact of the matter is that in all examples of out-patient rehab there will always be certain temptations around each and every corner, along with a thousand and one pitfalls that could easily lead to relapse. By contrast, the stable environment of a residential facility not only ensures patients are provided with optimum care, but also completely removes all temptation from the equation – thus facilitating faster and more effective recovery processes.

2 – Professional Advice

While there’s much to be said for turning to friends and family for advice during the recovery process, there’s really no substitute for the objective and professional guidance and assistance of trained and experienced counsellors. In order to tap into the most positive and beneficial advice of all, you need to speak to those with the appropriate education, background and experience. In a residential rehab facility, such individuals are often available on a pretty constant basis, once again maximising efficiency of treatment and minimising the likelihood of relapse.

3 – Education

To spend time in residential rehab is to spend time learning about addiction to a much deeper level than would be possible as an out-patient. It’s no secret that to fully understand a subject is to stand a much better chance of being able to approach and control it sensibly, which again makes for a vastly more effective and efficient treatment process.

4 – Peer Support

The value of having others around you in exactly the same position as you when going through such difficult times cannot be overstated. Friends and family are of course hugely important, but at the same time you need to ensure you have individuals around you that know exactly what you are feeling and going through. This tends to be something that comes as standard with residential rehab, wherein much larger contingencies of people with exactly the same challenges ahead of them are able to help and support each other through the process.

5 – A Set Routine

Lack of routine and stability are among the most dangerous known contributors to both relapse and alcoholism in the first place. It’s one thing to attend rehab and be given a list of instructions, but what do you do with the rest of your time? With no set routine, it can be difficult to stay on the straight and narrow while relapse becomes a much more likely possibility. By contrast, when you know where you need to be, what you need to do and how you need to do it, you’re much more likely to succeed.

6 – Strict Policies

One of the simplest and most important benefits of all, the fact that you are absolutely not allowed in any way, shape or form to bring alcohol onto the premises means you’re unlikely to do any such thing. Outside in the real world, there’s alcohol available on a 24/7 basis and it’s hard to enforce such strict policies on your own home.

7 – Privacy

Last but not least, parts of the rehabilitation process can be considered less than pleasant and may bring along some unfortunate physical and psychological side effects. To go through the process at home therefore is to share all such experiences and challenges with those around you – helpful in the eyes of some, detrimental to progress in the eyes of others. If therefore you’d prefer your treatment process and progress in general to be kept as private as possible, residential rehab could be the way to go.

3 Things to Check When You Are Caring for the Elderly in their Home


When an elderly relative is living in their own home and continues to maintain independence, they will probably also need extra care and attention even when they have their own live in carer. Elderly people who are having difficulties with mobility and handling day to day tasks will encounter dangers and problems that other people do not need to worry about, which is why the home environment is important, and must be looked after to ensure that hazards are minimised and your relative is as safe as possible. Here’s what you need to watch out for when you are caring for an elderly person in their own home, whether you are a professional carer or the person is your relative or friend.

  1. Lighting

It is highly important to maintain good quality lighting in your relative’s home. The most important aspect of this issue is the safety consideration. A well-lit home means more accidents and trip hazards are avoided, and your relative feels safer and more secure at home. Good lighting can also make a dramatic difference to the wellbeing of your relative. Comfort levels are increased, and it is easier to feel happier and safer in a well lit room. Make sure that all rooms are well lit and that the light switches are easy to find and easy to switch on and off. Replace any light bulbs that stop working as soon as they fail. Lamps are also important, particularly in spaces where your relative rests, reads, or relaxes. If your relative is in the habit of getting up several times in the night, ensure that the pathway to the bathroom is either kept lit or lamps with motion sensors are set up to make it easier to see.

  1. Power Sockets

Consider that it will be practically impossible for a relative with little mobility and problems with grip to handle power sockets when they are behind furniture or located close to the ground, says You can make adjustments to the sockets to fix them at a better height for a senior to reach, and fit pull plugs or even remote controlled sockets that allow your relative to turn things on and off without having to bend or stretch and risk possible injury.

  1. Windows and Doors

It is essential that your relative have access to daylight and fresh air whenever they need it. According to a dark, stuffy room is not good for health or wellbeing. It is especially important if your relative cannot access their garden or outdoors on their own. But you need to take many safety features into account when dealing with open windows. If windows are too high and difficult to reach, fit a remote controlled mechanism to help open, or a window pull which is a long handled tool that allows you to catch windows and pull them closed or open. Make sure that windows are not blocked by furniture and that you keep the curtains open during the daytime.


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Sedative effects of Kratom

Although alkaloid in plants in the structure closer to the psychedelic, but they can not cause hallucinations. Rather, the effect similar to the effects of Kratom opiate herbs. Mitragynine addict is able to suppress the urge to use opiates, but to fully replace nalorphine can not.

During exposure to these substances in the human brain is very active stimulation of mu and delta – receptors. In small doses, mitragynine also affects how yohimbine. If the dose is increased, and increasing effect on all the receptors. As a result, the mu-receptors are opiate dependence. The brain begins to work in such a way as to get as much of mitragynine. At the same time the person feels has very strong feelings and euphoria, which can be compared with taking morphine.

Mitragynine also affects sedative on the body, reducing muscle tone, muscle relaxing and obezbolivaya. Sharply falling activity of the central nervous system. Among the distinct effects: dry mouth, loss of appetite, frequent urge to the toilet, constipation. But unlike a number of opiate drugs, mitragynine does not happen after the vomiting and nausea. And in the case of overdose or abuse is possible only prolonged sleep. Among the side effects of prolonged use are weight loss, anorexia, insomnia, darkening of the skin, sunken cheeks, making a face like a patient with hepatitis. About 30% are addicted to Kratom admitted that they do not feel sexual arousal in mind that drink alcohol to make myself a little bit.

In addition, it was found 5 people who are in a very unstable mental state. Although it is impossible to accurately determine whether the cause of Kratom consumption. When avoiding drugs avid told that became hostile, aggressive, experienced fatigue, severe depression, pain in bones and muscles, facial sweating, limping and staggering. Observations of the effect of this plant, as well as the views of the Thais in this regard are very contradictory.

For example, some say that in small quantities Kratom has a sedative effect and in large – stimulating, others believe exactly the opposite. The first symptoms appear after 10 minutes after administration, and are only a couple of hours. He feels a person other than: a surge of strength, happiness, faith in themselves and the work that a person begins to perform, do not leave for a long time. The mind is in a calm and relaxed state.


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