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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Running My Brain

I hope you are all well today. I was sitting in my doctors office and he is one of those doctors that does not believe in giving me good stuff to read and entertain me while I wait, the reading materials are all about health. So, instead of banging my head on the wall next to me, since that may draw negative attention, I picked up one of those health magazines.

Something caught my eye, jogging is something that tends to pop into my life from time to time. I do not enjoy jogging, I do not find it to be a fun exercise. I have jogged inside and outside, I don’t like either. Recently, I have come to a happy balance in a effort to lose weight. I recognize that, with my body, jogging does increase the amount and speed of weight loss. So, I do a jogging, walking combination on my treadmill. I set a number in my mind jog to it, when I have met my goal, I walk, and I repeat the process, It works for me.

So, as I am reading this article about jogging, It has the same old stuff in it, good for my body, yea yea yea. But it mentions one I had not heard of, good for my brain. Brain? It seems they did a study and the people who could walk at a brisk pace or run as the treadmill became gradually steeper, also did the best completing long term memory exercises. They taught them related words and tested them on those words, the fittest people did the best.

So I guess I need to try to be fit for my body and my brain. I do tease my kids about someday being an old lady sitting in my rocking chair, flubbing my lips because they all sent me over the edge. But I do have to admit, it is a much nicer thought, to think about being somebody who is sharp in my old age.

I hope you all Have a beautiful day!

How to fight bad breath

Specialists say that the first treatment
The problem is identified, and the first thing you should know is whether the person breath smell good or bad, most people have a fetid smell of breath, but they do not know it, because the brain adapts to the smell of one’s personal.
There is a means of self-diagnosis of the first test of the tongue, and find out what is the color? If the rosy brilliant, it refers to the same well, but the white tongue and peeling in its appearance indicates smelly mouth, according to Harold Katz, a doctor and founder of bacteria breathe, California clinic.
The second test, according to Katz, is licking the back of the hand, and left to dry for a few seconds, and then try to smell the same place.
He said Katz, “It is important to remember that bad breath is usually not a sign of dental health Palestinian corrupt make bad breath .. and the same for the San,” pointing out that “it was found more than 600 species of bacteria in the mouth of the average person. ”
But what is the best way to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath? According to experts, the dry mouth is the most important reason to target the bacteria, so it does not need to be a lot of fluids.
Katz says, “where oxygen saliva, making it the natural enemy of the foul-smelling bacteria, they can not live in the presence of oxygen, drinking water and even chewing sugar-free gum can produce saliva and naturally get rid of bad breath.”
There were sugar-free mints or mouthwash pills, a solution he says Katz It’s not bad, but it is only temporary treatments, and will mask the odor, but does not kill the bacteria that cause odor.
Katz says that “Green tea has anti-bacterial properties that cause odor, and cinnamon contain essential oils that kill many types of oral bacteria.”
Also, eating fruits and vegetables, such as apples or celery, offers dual benefits of bad breath. And chewing more of them produces more saliva in the mouth, according to Katz, the watermelon and berries help.

8 Reasons Why Smoking Marijuana Is “Bad” For You

Society’s preconception that “weed is bad” has slowly been changing over the years. We’ve seen evidence of changing attitudes towards weed to the south, with US states legalizing marijuana, in the growing merit of marijuana as a treatment of diseases, and the relaxed attitude towards cannabis in our own community, though that isn’t exactly new. With the much more positive light modernly shed on marijuana, you’d think the green stuff was truly good for you. One collection of research seeks to prove otherwise.

Wayne Hall, a researcher who studied the adverse effects of cannabis on the human body in 1993, wished to see how things have changed in the last 20 years, after many more studies have been carried out on the topic. Compiling research over two decades, including studies from New Zealand, Germany, and the Netherlands, his findings won’t be pleasing to smokers.

According to Hall, over the past 20 years, research on smoking marijuana has shown that:

-1 in 10 people who regularly smoke marijuana will develop a dependence
-Driving while high will double the risk of a car crash
-Teenagers who regularly smoke are twice as likely to drop out of school
-Chronic use of cannabis as a teenager and into adulthood increases the likelihood of cognitive impairment (though the exact reason why is unknown)
-Regular smokers have double the risk of developing mental disorder like schizophrenia, especially if there is a family history and they started smoking in adolescence
-Marijuana smokers are more likely to develop chronic bronchitis
-Those who smoke marijuana as a teenager are much more likely to use harder illegal drugs
-A strong link exists between smoking weed and the development of cardiovascular diseases in middle-aged adults.

A very depressing mix of findings, especially, if like many of us in Montreal, you’ve been smoking weed since high school. Not all is lost though, as many academics believe many of the aforementioned adverse effects can be cased by many different factors, and not solely due to smoking weed. One example would be the likelihood of doing other drugs. It isn’t the marijuana forcing the person to try other substances, it is the environment and persons (like a drug dealer) you encounter when smoking weed that increase the chances.

A Sleep Study Huh? Sign Me Up

So I was listening to the radio today and I heard an advertisement for a medical group that is conducting a study and is looking for participants who are willing to be subjected to tests while they sleep.

They were pretty vague with exactly what types of studies would be done, but I am going to assume that you are just hooked up to some machine somehow.

It does seem a little creepy, but at the same time it would be interesting to find out if there is something that I do not know about the way I sleep.

I am sure that we have all questioned whether or not we sleep well, and maybe this is the way to tell.

I won’t do it just due to laziness probably, but if the opportunity ever presents itself it might be kind of cool.