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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Helping future police retirees.

Smith College in Mass. is doing some research aimed at helping future retirees. Specifically, they want to find out about risk factors for posttraumatic stress. One retired police officer says, ‘PTSD, is a lot of crap consisting of bloody horrors, sounds, sights and smells you never wanted to see in the first place and now you can’t forget.’1  Yeah, that. 

If you’re a retiree – especially FEMALES – they could use your help. The lead researcher, Dr. Pole, said many participants in the survey felt a bit of healing just by reflecting back on their police career in this way. That makes sense to me. Anyway, they’ll put some money in your pocket for participating, but the reward really comes from knowing you may be helping future retirees enjoy their lives more. 

Please post where appropriate and pass on the following link to any retiree willing to help, 


1. Dupay. D. (2009). This is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. From the Salem News online.